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The history of the Omega Company started in 1848. It was founded by Louis Brandt in a small town La Chaux-de-Fonds. This period of time was rather complicated from the political and economical point of view. A series of revolutions broke out in all parts of Europe. The enterprise represented an 'assembly workshop' where wristwatches were assembled. It took Louis Brandt and his sons several decades to turn the workshop into the manufacture. What's more, there were only latest technologies applied at the production of Omega timepieces. Since 1885, Omega watches have supplied the world with several progressively advanced timepieces. Omega watches are renowned for durability and accuracy, and celebrated for their elegant yet sporty design. Each Omega watch model is in keeping with their standard of excellence in Swiss quality, perfection, comfort and aesthetics. Omega watches show men masculine and embody lady elegant. Omega has never compromised on quality and has always delivered the best there could be in precision movement, this quality of omega has always made it the collector's brand and there is not one person who doesn't wish to have an omega on his wrist. In 2008 the Omega Company is going to celebrate its 160th anniversary. Omega can be proud of the fact that its production didn't stop for a single day throughout the whole history of the Company. The history of time-keeping is marked by outstanding achievements of the brand. There have been created numerous precise timepieces. For a long time the Omega Company has dominated in the competition over the rest of watch companies. Omega is the leader in the field of both wrist and pocket watches.